* Fuhua Choir *
D Fuhua Choir
Pretty young ladies in velvet gowns and smart handsome guys in tuxedoes. started in year 2000 with only a few members. As the years passed, more joined in. The choir has shown tremedous improvement through these years. From a COP award in SYF 2001 to 2 consecutive silver awards in 2003 & 2005.

The choir is under the guidance of the conductress: ms joyce lim and teachers in charge: Ms Angeline Chua, Mrs Low & Mr Andrew Chong. Choir is a big family where everyone care and share. A place not only voices are heard, but where you feel homely and warm. :) Voices in harmony. ACHIVEMENTS/ PARTICIPATIONS
SYF Central Judging
2001: COP
2003: Silver
2005: Silver

Trip to Perth, Australia in 2002
Combined SYF Choir in 2004
Performance @ Istana in 2005

Choir Exchange
Fuhua Cultural Night (2002,2004, 2006)
Annual Speech Day (Concert) CNY celebrations
NDP celebrations
Graduation Concerts
Open House Concerts
Registration Concert

President: Si Yun
V.President: Yi Feng
Secretary: Geraldine
Social Welfare ic: Alex
Costume/ Noticeboard ic: Cheryl

Sectional Leaders
Soprano 1: Wei Qi
Soprano 2: Yi Feng, ASL: Esther
Alto 1: Jia Yi, ASL: Adeline
Alto 2: Tania, ASL: Tiffany
Tenor/ Bass: Jian Hao

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* Monday, January 15, 2007 *
HAPPY 2007!! :D

Have a great year ahead.

All the best, be it studies or cca; CHOIR.

Good luck for the SYF 07 and do your best!!!
And do the school proud. :)

i am who i am
10:37 PM
* Monday, December 25, 2006 *




CHOIRIANs [juniors & seniors] =)

i am who i am
12:30 AM
* Tuesday, December 05, 2006 *
HELLO all (:

It's holiday!! I believe choir practice will stopped for quite a period of time BUT... I hope you guys can organise your own sectionals with your leaders or at least practice the syf pieces at home. If you have any queries or doubts about the scores, you can ring up your leaders to check with them. Only when you're keen to practice and learn, then there will be improvements!!

Be it the sopranos, altos or guys, your part may not sound as beautiful as the main melody but when the 3groups combined, the sound will be so harmonious. That's what choir is made up of. :D ONE VOICE ONE CHOIR~

Work hard and do not let Ms Lim, the teachers-in-charge, the seniors who pin so much hope on you all down. =) Do your part by attending choir practices regularly and SING!! Remember all the techniques that Ms lim has taught & what the seniors taught you during the sectionals. To all the juniors especially; You all need to push yourselves and be more disciplined. And I believed you all can achieved a silver medal for next year SYF!!


TILL THEN, enjoy your holidays, do your holiday assignments and be good girls & boys to attend choir practices!! Motivate your friends to go for practices if they don't!! :)

i am who i am
2:00 PM
* Monday, November 20, 2006 *
Update will be up soon (:

Meanwhile enjoy your holidays!

and not forget to attend practices regularly!!

i am who i am
9:37 AM
* Sunday, October 29, 2006 *
Thanks to all who left your tags here! (:

This blog is currently managed by the sec4s so everything will be updated asap after the sec3s take over this blog. The links will be updated soon also.

Holidays are here!! Enjoy and at the same time, attend choir practice regularly and punctually!! Be a good choirian. =) Let your passion for singing grow over this long holiday break and be prepared for the SYF judging next year. Don't give your leaders troubles/ problems by not attending or skipping practices!! Aja aza aza!

You can leave ur comments/ suggestions/links you have on the tagboard. Those choirians who have blogs link this website up too!! :D


i am who i am
6:16 AM
* Tuesday, June 13, 2006 *
Thanks to all who left your comments at the tagboard :)

please be reminded that JUNE holidays, you still have 2 practices next week (21st & 23rd) and NANHUA exchange on 22nd .

please turn up for the practices punctually and make sure you know the songs well. seek help from your SLs or Ms Lim if you are not sure.

Enjoy your holidays. =)

*you can leave your comments on what you will like to see at this site or how can this site be improved further. thank you.

i am who i am
3:45 PM
* Thursday, May 25, 2006 *
ALERT to all sec1-3s:

Please kindly attend all ur holiday practices and be punctual for all practices.

If you cannot make it due to whatever reason, please kindly inform the teacher in charge & Sectional Leaders in advanced.

Do go for all the practices as you have upcoming exchange & performance. Try not to miss any, OK?

Enjoy your holidays. Enjoy Singing. =)

i am who i am
4:47 PM